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How things have been going


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Wow.. so much has been going on here. I really found out the following things throughout teh last few months::.


1-A HUGE crush

2-What its like to HATE some1

3-How to see some1 u love get mad at u cause of a mistake

4-Extreme babysitting

5-How little u can trust boys


Each number was a HUGE problem over the last few months. I cant deal w/ it. Since when was the last time any1 had the only problem w/ "To much school work" Is it just me or is that one of my last problems?


(1) The huge crush.. he ended up being a crusher. We werent even dating and i still couldnt stand to see him w/ another gurl. That makes no sense rite? Of coarse.But everytime i think of him. I cant stop.BLAH


(2)Its hard to love. But o so EASY to hate. I hate this one kid at my school beyond beilife. I like to refer to him as "tree monkey" hes a short kid miget with no life. How nice... he knows how to push my buttons. And he did.


(3)I really had a good friendship w/ this one kid. I had to ruin it by dating him. Once i did.. he got all defensive when i simply looked at another guy. I wasnt interested. But of coarse he thought i was. By looking at another guy.. one simple mistake ruined an intire friend ship. How nice..


(4) When my aunt gets wasted i usually have to babysit the two terrors. They are HORIBLE. I get up in the middle of the nite to get them milk,water,apples,chocolate. I get woken up 5:00 am to go out side and play. then i have to calm them down. make marissa stop crying. Unbore Josh etc. Its horible. It least i get paid a pretty penny..


(5) I wont get into details. But i just cant trust boys. Has any1 else noticed that all they want is kissing,making out and.. u know.Will i EVER meet one of them who lieks me 4 me? Whats WRONG w/ them. They should be dying from my ugliness rite now. Gosh

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