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Bright red Lace

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"Bright red lace"


"Life isnt easy."

So Little Ali said

As she talked with her friend,

The little voice in her head.


She was only 14

Not to many friends

Only that little voice

Would whisper inside her,

until the day would end.


She was walking down the sidewalk

Not to far from home

She swayed from side to side

Walking all alone.


She tried to smile

But nothing came upon her face

But deep inside her pocket she felt

A strand of bright red lace


She felt the texture, and tried to fight back the tears

"It was my mothers."

She said

As she thought of those wonderful years.


She walked to the cemetary

And saw the tombstone, Where her mother now lays,

"Mom, I miss you."

"Please come back for I miss you today."


As she saw no sign, of her mothers face

She pictured her looking sad and disgraced.

"Baby, I'm here I will always be with you."

"But Your father had to do, what he had to do."


"But Your father had to do, what he had to do.": Means he killed his wife. Alis mom.

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