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Tom Cruise is nuts


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Cruise in birth control




TOM Cruise’s pregnant fiancée Katie Holmes will be reminded to keep her vow of silence during birth — by signs plastered around their home.


The couple — following the Scientology tradition of a silent birth — had the posters delivered to their Beverly Hills mansion.


The 6ft placards will be placed so Katie can see them in labour.


One reads: “Be silent and make all physical movements slow and understandable.”


Dawson’s Creek actress Katie, 26, must “keep mum” and will not even be allowed painkillers when she has the couple’s first child due any day.


Friends — believed to be Scientology elders — were pictured carrying the huge white boards through the gates.


The “birthing boards” will also tell staff and visitors to stay silent.


Followers believe it is traumatic for babies to hear their mother scream or groan when giving birth. They think it can cause “psychic” damage, which takes years of therapy to overcome.


The cult’s creator, sci-fi writer L. Ron Hubbard, once said: “Maintain silence in the presence of birth to save both the sanity of the mother and child.”


The doctrine stresses newborns cannot be poked or prodded for medical tests or spoken to for seven days.


Katie began dating Tom, 43, last year. She was well-known for her Catholic beliefs but quickly fell pregnant and is yet to wed.




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I'm sorry to say this and I don't mean to offend but with Couch Jumper as a dad that kid is going to be trumatized anyway wherever Katie is silent or not. I think that is just so stupid and I feel sorry for women who have to go through that.

I hate Couch Jumper, he has just gone too far. We don't want to be preached about Scientology, it's our decision if we take painkillers or scream whilst giving birth and no one at the age of 43 jumps on a couch that's just really silly and an obvious attention ploy.

Couch, we don't care anymore, go to Scientology Land and live there forever more.

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