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5/13/05 (friday the 13th)

I had a dentist appointment today and my dentist kinda of did something so corny its annoying. When she put that sucking thing in my mouth she closed it to make a farting soud. It was so embarrassing!!! For god's sake that DOS NOT MAKE AN ELEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL LAUGH. Gosh, shes really nice and all but gosh... Alicia p.o. -ed me as usally and called me ugly. I called her a bird house for her big blabber mouth and long nose. I mean really its long and shiny. Its so annoying when she says thing like that. She once said I wanted to get busy with her 1st grade brother. To get her back of course I took a plastic bat and chased her with it. I also said I'd burn the Shonen Jump magazine I was going to give her. Gosh she is so stupid that I would do that. Have to use it against her first ;) Im so evuuul!!!! Wow Im rambling alot. Im about to melt this chocolate bar I have and eat it. Yes, Im going to rot my teeth to the bone. OMG WHICH REMINDS ME!!!! I have a choice to get braces now but I know Im not going to get them. I going to do some posting, Im really bored. Out.

:blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah:

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