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Make a Promise!


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If y'all haven't figured out by my posts in the debate forum on the yellow livestrong wristbands, I'm a huge fan and supporter of Lance Armstrong, his organization, the LAF, and cancer research. Well, I am making this post on the behalf of them ;P


The Tour of Hope is a week long bike journey across the USA to speed the search for a cure to cancer. At the end of the ride, Lance Armstrong and his team are going to deliver thousands of 'promises' to Washington D.C.


What's a promise? Its basicly a free pledge to help yourself and your loved ones deal with/screen for/get infomation on cancer. Easy enough, right?


Please show your support and make a promise :)



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My dad has cancer at this moment; on August 22nd, it was a year that he had it. He has throat cancer, which makes me worried, because, as of what I know, it's one of the dangerous kinds of cancer. He has a tracheostomy in, because his tumor on his neck presses on his trachea on makes it hard for him to breath. He has just started going for radiation treatment, and it's not easy. I hope the radiation works, because his tumor is very big; for he let it go a long time. He did alternative medicine, but it did not work. So, I"m praying this will work.
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