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"The Girl who felt Alone"

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Well..Idk what do you think? I mean..it's sad. I like cried while I was writing it..Best I think I have ever written..well read it and see what you think.



“The Girl who Felt Alone”


Sally was a lonely girl

She didn’t have any friends

She loved to play basketball,

Until the day would end.


Her only friend was Daisy

Who was imaginary you must know

She always wore that white dress

I should tell you, its white as snow.


Sally was alone one night

Her mom and dad were out of sight

Getting wasted was what they did best

But now it’ll put Sally to the test.


She saw her suitcase on the floor

She grabbed some clothes

And then some more

She said goodbye to her dog, her cat

Because from then on she wouldn’t be back.


She looked at Daisy and tears started to fall

Because mommy and daddy didn’t know at all

Sally grabbed her suitcase and ran for her life

And Daisy ran with her, for she was right along beside her that final night.


Sally’s mind ran blank, as she ran as fast as she could go

While holding on to Daisy’s hand, she knew where they would go.

“It’s called heaven” Sally said as she looked at Daisy’s eyes.

Daisy didn’t know where and what that was, and she was looking so surprised.


They stopped to catch their breath, and Sally bowed her head

As she pulled out a gun, and knew that soon she will be dead.

Daisy cried “No Sally, Please don’t leave me here.”

“I have to.” Sally mumbled and she shed just one last tear.


She put the gun to her heart, until she heard a sound

It was her mommy calling “Sally! Please, Put the gun down!”

“No mommy, God is waiting for me!” She cried as she put it to her heart.

She pulled the trigger and her mother cried, “Baby, I love you and will never be apart.”

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