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Love is the Only Way

The Joker

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Love is the Only Way


By: Angela Michelle Hacker



The sun seems to hide

In my world of swirling hurricanes

I feel the world's tide..

Pulling me to the core.


Hurricanes bare my path..

As I walk alone

Battered till my soul is lost

I feel as though the lies are off my shoulders

But more is to come to exuast


I look deep in my heart..

And know two things..

I love my dad very much..

And I wish for him to live for eternity.


But as I know those two things..

The world begins to fade..

It feels as though my heart s locked in ice..

And my soul gone to a shade..


I bear deep in mind, I do not hate my dad.

I love him more than anything..

To the heart's deep desire.

I see his face and cry..


I know he still loves me..

As his daughter or a friend..

I only wish to embrace him.

Till the hearts very end..


This world is such a cruel place..

Taking the peacefulness of the people..

Making our souls angry with hatred..

And making not one friend.


As the years pass by...

I always know this..

My dad loves me more than anything.

I love him more than my life..



Note: This is a poem about how much I love my dad, we fight a lot and he thinks I don't love him.. But this poem tells him I do.. As his daughter..

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That be so cool and yeah my dad is da bomb it has been hard being away from my family, but at the same time it is great.


anyhoo I am glad I am the apple of my dads eyes. Love is all you need great now I have the song in my head Love is all you need by the Beatles :) .

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