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Sumtymes, words can hurt you more than actions can

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I wrote this in an onlyne journal a couple of weeks ago and got great comments, what do you tHink?


I walk around school sometimes, and what I see is something that is so uncalled for it makes me so sad to even be there. Heres what I have to say about what I call "The Meanest Thing, You could ever do."

There are kids at my school, who are nice people. Sure, some things are wrong with them. They are either chunky, huge, ugly, stupid, or a whore. Well, those kids get called names everyday. Lets take a big guy named Eric for example. Hes a nice kid! He can be a little "sexual active" as in horny all the time, but otherwise. Yeah kids do make fun of him. Hes over 250 pounds and about 5'9-5'10. Sad isnt it? Well its true. Calling someone fat isnt going to make you any skinnier, calling someone stupid isnt going to make them any smarter, so why call someone that when they can't DO anything about it? That i wonder everyday! I wonder WHY. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY? Kids like Eric are fat, but there is no reason to call him that. Sure, I have called people names, alot..and you are probably wondering why I am writing this if I do it anyway..well Its a fact of life, and everyone does it. I dont do it because everyone else does it, I just do it because weLL, I feel so terrible inside that I want to take it out on someone else, and frankly thats so harsh. Well how can we stop it? We cant. We cant tell people like Johnny to stop making fun of Charlotte for being to fat and to short, we can't tell Rachelle to stop being a whore, even if she isnt. Why is it that people think they can critisize someone for being how they are? I get called a slut 3-4-5 times a day, and I just give em' the bird and laugh and go on with my day. Because I dont care about what people think, because I know everything is going to be ohkay and that I have to keep my head held high. I wanted to write this because it is a nation-wide epidemic, and I wanted to take a chance and write something like this to let you know my feelings. You dont realize that people like Eric, Charlotte and Rachelle have feelings, there just a nobody. A nobody? God made each and everyone of us for a purpose. We all have dreams, and wishes, and so does Charlotte, Eric and Rachelle. So why do you think you can call someone a name and not care about THEIR feelings? I wonder everyday, and I dont think I will ever know the reason why people can do this....No one will ever know. We just have to have hope that tommorow, will be infact a better day.

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Fat jokes are funny when done on an impersonal level. Such as making non-directed jokes like the "Yo momma" jokes or doing impersonations with obvious and non-inferring acts of being that fat person. Like having someone padded up not to resemble anyone they know, but just to pretend to be that way, and to have things happen that you know are just for the humor, ie, sitting in a chair that is supposed to be strong but magically it breaks apart, or a bridge "caving in", or jumping and it causing an earthquake. Making fun of stupidity is also funny and I'm sure you can think of examples of it on tv.


The line gets crossed when we take that humor and personalize it. So what if someone is chubby? Doesn't mean that it's funny to point to them and say, "I bet that when they run the buildings around them bounce off the ground", because that's rude.


Even religious jokes are funny so long as it's not to put someone down. Blonde jokes are funny (lots of blondes even joke about it saying stuff like "duh i'm blonde" when they miss something obvious). I personally don't agree with the blonde jokes because I've met lots of smart blondes and lots of stupid brunettes (as an example).


Anyway, as for the slut reference, if the girl is sexually active (and sexually active means actively has sex, not just being horny), if she wants to do it, hey let her. If she refers to herself as a slut saying she will sleep with anyone, hey, let her.. Just be sure to get her to visit me in the process. ;)

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People in school call me ugly, fat, stupid. The funny thing is one time Alicia called me fat and started teasing me. I told her it doesnt matter what she thinks and she replied, "Arent you going to get mad!?! Call me stupid or something" Some times alicia feels more of an annoying (Bi) then as nice person.
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I'm the stupidest,fattest,ugliest,unaware,idiotic person in the world. But when ppl cross the line and say it to my face im extremely mad. No1 has the rites to say mean stuff like that. This is ganna sound stupid..but when ppl call me stupid idk why but it kinda hurts. Even if its true but their saying it in a joking voice idk... I stayed back. So i kinda already know im stupid. I know im ugly to. I can live w/ that. Other ppl should be able to accept that i kno im ugly and dumb. Their harsh words dont make them smarter or prettier.
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