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this is really stupid


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tears streaming


Silent screaming,


please free me please leave me.



my hollow heart,


bleeds for you,


i cry for you,


i'd die for you.


I scream your name,


in my broken sleep,


in my injured dreams,


in my darkest nightmares,


come back,


please free me,


pleased leave me,



I toss and turn,


don't get a wink,


I moan and groan,


I can't breathe


I can't think,


I'm all alone,


It's all closing in,


I'm fading,


save me,




please free me,




please leave me,



I beg of you,


to please free me,


from this pain,


of this life,


I order you,


to please leave me,


to lie here,


to die here.

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