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RPGWO, short for RPG World Online, has often been said to have the most robust skill and levelling system out of any game. The game is programmed entirely in VB. Its main flaw is that its creator made the whole game in such a way that some of its errors are hard-coded and are nearly impossible to fix. If you can put the old, 2d graphics aside, it is a very addicting game. Some of its skills include various melee attacks with a large variety of weapons, red, white, black, blue, and green (on certain servers) magic skills, alchemy, blacksmith, carpentry, masonry, and many others. There are four servers at the time of this writing: Nulona, Shadow, Arcanium II, and UT World. Nulona is the typical 'newb' server, with no pk outside of specified arenas. Shadow is a full-pk server, except for the beginning town. It is geared more towards people who know what they are doing. Arcanium II is another pk server. Instead of being set in the past, Arcanium is in the future. You can use pistols, rifles, and heavier weapons, along with certain 'older' weapons. UT World is invite only. It is basically a wiped version of an old version of Arcanium. Wiped means that the land and characters were cleared and everyone had to start over from scratch. Item stealing is available on Shadow, Arcanium II, and UT World.


The creator of this game says he will sue anyone who puts up rune combinations (for spells), alchemy uses, rogue servers, and other things he doesn't like, but he's all talk. He will never do anything. He says his game is copyrighted, but it isn't.


On to the issue of rogue servers, there are three that I know of. Their names are Ataxia, Nightmare, and the other is unnamed. All three servers are pk. Item stealing is available on Nightmare and the unnamed server.


If anyone wishes for some help, I am nearly always available. Reply with your in-game name, server, and a general idea of what you need help with and I'll do the best I can.


RPGWO is located at http://www.rpgwo.com


There is a little bit more information at RPGWO's Wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RPG_World_Online


Recently, the creator has been more power-hungry, so he took down all of the official forums. Those who wish to visit some unofficial (and probably illegal in the creator's mind) forums, go to http://rpgwoforums.com/


I assure you that nothing here or on RPGWO Forums is legally illegal. Is that even a real term? It is now!

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