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What am I loosing?

Am I loosing myself once again?

Theres less truth in what I am

So whats there to defend?

Smashing family

Drifting friends

The rules always changing

Watch the twists and the bends

She said so herself

The girls own mother

"that sweet part of you is falling away"

and how "whats going on? what made you this way?"

The stupid remarks

From the kids at school

They think that I care about what they say

That doesnt make them cool

Some glue and tape

Will not erase my mistakes

Will not get rid of the remainders of my heart

The real nor the fake

I cant tell what part of me is lying

Or saying whats right

Would you bet on me being this way forever?

Or get back to it first thing tonight

How can I posibally

Feel so wrong

Am I still standing here?

For I feel completely gone

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