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Me and My Nightmares

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I have been grounded latley, nothing special. Its like 5 in the morning (an hour before my getting up for school time) but I cant go to school. Doctor. Well I had not really a nightmare but a vison. First it was a nightmare. It was weird. I think it was watching full house when that idiot joey was doing this stupid wizard of oz thing and I was thinking about how dumb it was. Ok the dream was I was in the Rutguers collage stadium (where I went to a game a while ago) and I was by the top of the stadium but not in the stadium. Now it gets weird. Glinda the good witch is there and shes telling me to say theres no place like home. then I lean over and fall into the dream mode for real. I start seeing frightnening images of my mom in the hospital so I make myself wake up. Creppy? Yeah I know.

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