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Ok, so let's see...what's important in my life right now that I need to talk about...hmm, oh yeah, I'm EXTREMELYYY tired. It seems like I just can't fall asleep...and I really don't know why. >< And, I really can't wait for the summer. I'm really really really really really really sick of school. Oh yeah, speaking of school, this is the last year I'll be homeschooled. Yeah, I'm going to regular school for the first time in my life next year. Not really sure how it'll work out, but I'll never know what it's like if I don't try. Grr, yesterday I went to the dentist and my mouth is like, really sore for some reason today. I got *TwO* cavities filled, three sealents (or is it sealants...god, Idk...Idc either), and two restorations. >< It wasn't exactly fun, either. -_- It hurt, but then again, I can't really expect it to not hurt, so w/e. g2g...BYE!



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