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Ok well firecrackers are illegal in Canada but on the odd occasion I can get my hands on a few strips of red panthers. Small fireworks such as squealers work very nicely too.


Basically you set it off in the washroom, but instead of running away you just need to make a fuse out of something you can find i almost every school, a cigarette.


Take a small strip of tape and attach the fuse to the cigarette right where in meets the filter.


Make sure the fuse can still be lit so dont completely strangle it with tape, light the cigarette, hide it somewhere, maybe under a sink, try not to put it on exposed pipes if ur using a cherrybomb. Using a large explosive can potentially injure somebody, this is for firecrackers and squealers and other small fireworks, not for bombs!


Anyways light the tip of the cigarette, give it a drag to make sure it will keep burning and not just go out, then walk away, just walk normally, you have a few minutes before it will go off. I did this one in middle school with a strip of firecrackers and the school went into a lockdown procedure because the small explosions were mistaken for gunfire, hehe.

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