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Maybe time for a new subsection???

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Well I'm pretty new here and I plan on sticking around, I think Taekwondo would be a great subsection to have seeing as it is the most popular martial art in northern America over Karate. I myself am a 2nd dan blackbelt in WTF (World Taekwondo federation) standings, 3rd pretty soon. I would like to see a taekwondo subsection for sure.


Also anyone looking at taekwondo between ITF and WTF - Go WTF, it is actually fighting with chest, arm, and leg pads - and the fight doesn't pause once a point is scored - ITF is alot less fighting, all you have to do is show that you could have scored a point by stopping your pouch in front of their chest, its quite lame - WTF )no not what the fark, its World Taekwondo Federation) - Cya, go Taekwondo!

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