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Okay this prank can be a little bit dangerous if people are stupid enough to inhale the smoke alot, and if someone has some sort of smoke allergy, but I have never heard of this happening, so here is what you need:


1. Potassium Nitrate (or Salt Peter, it is a preservative, try your local grocery store).

2. Icing sugar (goto the bakery to get some).

3. A lighter, preferably zippo (ust makes things easier).

4. 10 cent candle, the litthe short fat white ones at the candle store. (make sure it has small metal case).

5. Tinfoil/Aluminum Foil

6. Couple of matches



1. Take the candle and remove the wax from it leaving only the metal casing.

2. Take the tinfoil and from it into somewhat of a little bowl, I recommend double layers so it doesn't burn through with the lighter under it.

3. Fill bowl with 2/3 of the salt peter and 1/3 of the icing sugar.

4. Add just a few drops of water.

5. Roast the concotion in the bowl with the lighter, dont have the lighter too close, we don't want it to burn through the tinfoil, we want it to cook. Make sure you have something to hold the tinfoil as it gets hot, you can tape a stick to it or something, doesn't matter.

6. Once the concoction is a brownish color pour it out into the metal candle holder, break one of your matches in half, I dont recommend thin crappy matches, try the thick wooden ones, they work best, once in half stick the match in the middle of the goop with the head sticking out. The match is your fuse so don't make it too short. Wait until the goop hardens, shouldn't take too long.

7. If you want to make another take it out of the metal casing, if you just want one you can keep the metal candle casing on it.

8. Put wherever you want, light and run.


Remeber you can always make a bigger version, just remember the part ratios (2/3 salt peter, 1/3 icing sugar) - Try a pop can with the top cut off even. The result is thick white smoke, very fun. You get a surprising amount of smoke compared to the size of the solid smoke bomb you made.


Good places include lockers, gym changerooms, bathrooms, crowded cafeterias(never done this but it would work), and even just outside the school if it is your first bomb, enjoy :)

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