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Gaping Hole

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This one can be entertaining, looks pretty good if you can hide a camera too. You have to find some sort of hiding spot in your school where a person could walk past you without noticing you. Easier said than done. Here is what you need:


1. Hiding Spot

2. Old Washcloth

3. Scissors

4. A Couple of Quarters


Take the old washcloth and make a cut in it about an inch long with the scissors, this makes the washcloth easier to rip. Put a quarter on the floor of the hallway, in my experience most people are willing to bend over for a quarter. Once the person bends down to pick up the quarter, rip the washcloth hard, this results in a nice ripping sound. Try not to laugh as people reach around their rears to try and find a rip in their pants. :)

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