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Toontown (it's addicting!)


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Ok those who talk to me on a regular basis already know that I've been sucked into the world of Toontown.


It's very addicting and I've already learned a few things during the short time of playing it...


#1 Disney needs to learn how to better group the "Speed Chat" options. You have to dig through all the relevant menus to hopefully find the one you are looking for. Also, a few obvious choices are missing. Other than that, I really like the idea, it's nearly impossible to be dangerous to kids because it's almost impossible to exchange personal information with strangers.


#2 Unlike other RPG's that I've seen, you can't improve your experience (life points) by fighting, you can only improve the weapon(s) used based on a point system. Sorry, but I think that as you have battles, your experience overall should go up in points too, and lead to higher life points. I do think that it's smart to add points to the weapon(s) used.


#3 there's no way to smack the other players upside their head when they do stupid things:


When ganging up against the enemy ("COGS" as they are called), is it really necessary to scream for help just because you've lost 1 life point out of 20? When you use your move to call for help, that's 1 move wasted that could have been used to fight so you wouldn't need to call for help. Common sense, really. Either way, you're there for the rest of the move, the only difference is wether or not you cause damage to the enemy. Causing damage leads to winning. Guess which one I think is the smarter move.


When a player has 'lured' the COGS to be closer, then until they are freed from being lured (either by being attacked, or from 'waking up' after a period of time), don't attack more than 1 of them. While lured, they don't fight back. If 4 are lured, why attack 2 of them, then attack the other 2? Attack 1 until it's gone. Then move onto another one. One attacking/fighting back -vs- four of them fighting back. Gee, which one seems to give the bigger advantage? <_<


When fighting more than 1 of them, single out one of them and continue to attack that one. If one is very close to being defeated, don't leave it alone to go for the other one, because while it's still there, it's going to keep fighting. Get rid of it, and it's one less doing damage to you.




Unfortunately, there's no way to tell the other players details on why to choose a specific action (or to avoid a certain action). There are a few strategy lines that can be used, but unfortunately, there are some who ignore it because they don't understand why.


Now, if only I can find a few others who play it (that I can talk to outside of it), then I could train them to play smart and have more fun. :eyebrow:

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Yeah. Not like I can stop you. :lol:


I needed help and these 3 players gave me help. They were amazing. Had to take over building after building to try to get an item from one of the COGS. Took about 5 buildings, and only once did any of them need to get their health restored. Other than that, it was a case of going in and defeating Cog after Cog. They had their game plan down to an art. Had lower health points than me too.


THEY know the meaning of teamwork.


On the gripe I made before, found 2 more doing the same thing. Lured some of the Cogs, and then this one kept ignoring me when I said to go for a different Cog. Little "genius" couldn't figure out that by ganging up on 1, we could take it out easier and have fewer problems. Then he needed/wanted a "Toon up". I didn't give it to him, since he was choosing to ignore the game plan for winning. Needless to say, he didn't make it to the end of the building. The other one didn't want to let a Cog remained lured, and freed it, so it could do damage to us. Ended up killing all of my points so I had to rebuild them again (annoying, as it takes a few minuts to restore them).


Makes me wish we could submit phrases to be added for talking. "No you idiot!", "If you want a Toon Up, then stop screwing us up", "Either play for the team, or fend for yourself.", "Stop being stupid", etc.

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You expect a young child to be a master of strategy? No, forget that. Those are basic skills. I'm sure those kids aren't old enough to play Command and Conquer or Age of Empires yet. Once they do, if they decide to stay at Toontown, they will be better.


No offense... That came out a bit harsher than I meant it to.

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I forgot to mention those who were so helpful... Bananapretzel, Master Beany and Violet Petaltoon

If you ever see those 3, they're awesome.


how long is the toontorial thing


I don't know, I haven't read it all yet. I've taken a quick glance at the entire thing as one page (in 2 tabs) and left each tab at a specific part of the page. Makes it nice for quick reference. Then I've downloaded all of the maps so I can find the 'stores' easier. :)


You expect a young child to be a master of strategy? No, forget that. Those are basic skills.

As easy as they try to make it for those kids, it still helps to have some concept of strategy. It doesn't take a genius to realize that if you all gang up on the same enemy, you'll defeat that one faster. I'm also sure that I'm not the only adult playing the game. :lol: Despite the high end safety in there, I do wish there was a way of communicating more specific messages (ones that are still safe, of couse). Be nice to help train a few of them to know how to better fight. Might enjoy the game more if they feel armed with knowledge.

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