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What is Love?

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What is love? Is it all about sex, or does it have to be more than that? I know it has something to do with sex, but love isn't all about making "love" is it? I wonder everyday if people like me can fall in love at MY age. Are we capable of it? I get so many different opinons that I never know what to think. Its hard to picture someone like a 14 year old falling in love and ending up with them for the rest of your life. Is it JUST puppy love? Or more? I ask myself all the time. I will continue to ask until I find a answer. My mom thinks that its just "puppy love" but what does she know? What does any mom know. Your mom can't tell you how to act upon someone that you care for so much. I often wonder why your mom is here on this earth. To make your personal life miserabLe? Sadly, she finds out about a lot of stuff, and it sucks. Moms have NO idea what it's like to live in a teenagers life today. They played checkers and baseball, and what do teens do today? Have sex, do drugs, and drink. Wow just a LITTLE bit different.

Anyways, I want to know the answer to my question. Well I don't think there IS an answer, there is just opinons. And frankly, say what you want.


-KindabLonde* :blah:

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These are my opinions, so don't start flaming me.


Is it all about sex
NO. I don't feel that way.
I know it has something to do with sex

Doesn't have to. It could be mutual or whatever.

I wonder everyday if people like me can fall in love at MY age. Are we capable of it?
Yes and yes.
Its hard to picture someone like a 14 year old falling in love and ending up with them for the rest of your life.

What's wrong for the first part? The second part may have a tough time.

Is it JUST puppy love? Or more?

What is 'puppy love?' Love is such a broad term, in general. There are different kinds.


That's my two cents. Hope it doesn't go down in flames.

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love is a strong word. A lot of stuff come along with it. I dont think teens (13-around 15) can feel love. Now thats just my opinion. All the kids at my school go out and SAY they're in love. I cant say for them if they are and feel what they are feeling. But the way they act around eachother can seem like they are but the way you act and the way you feel are very different. Now im not saying 13-around 15 year olds cant fall in love, but i dont think we are capable of knowing how it feels. And some people would think its all about sex. Now i havent ever been in a relationship or anything so i really dont know if it is, I doubt it. Knowing you can make someone happy without giving them sex should be enough.


..thats all of my opinion..


x3 Mal

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Love is hard to explain and define, and those who think they know what love truly is and how to explain it are only fooling themselves and anyone else who will believe them. I can give you my opinions on what I think of love, what I think it is (kind of) and stuff, but with anything I say, an exact opposite can be said and still be right.


Is sex love? It can be sometimes, but basically it's not. Sometimes you have sex to express love, but having sex doesn't mean you are making love. You can make love without having sex, just like you can have sex without making love. You can make love just by holding the person, comforting them, talking to them (or listening to them), giving them a back rub, all sorts of things, and none of it is sexual.


Sometimes sex can be love, like if you care so deeply for that person that when you know that they are in the mood to have sex, and they're not trying to talk you into it, you still let it happen anyway because you know that it'll make them happy. The opposite of that is if you know that they don't want to but they are going to anyway to make you happy, you don't do it because you care enough about them to not make them do something they don't really want to do but are willing to just to make you happy.


Can young people feel love? OF COURSE! The type of love like people feel for each other when they want to get married and are willing to die for each other? YES! Do young people know the difference? Not always. It's hard to know what those feelings are, because they are still new. Even people who are adults have a hard time figuring it out. I say that it's possible for two people to fall in love in elementary school and stay together forever. It's rare, but it's possible. The problem is that its hard to know what the real thing is unless you've felt it before, but if you've felt it before and lost it, then you might think you are feeling the same thing for someone else when you don't, and then out of fear of losing that love again, you do things that you will look back on and wish you hadn't.


Yeah there's puppy love. But even puppy love can be true love.


I know I know, I left you with more questions than answers.. Sorry. But hopefully you'll walk away from this feeling more confident that you're not some silly young girl who's stupid, and that what you feel is real, just that you have to figure out on your own what you are really feeling.

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