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Uh sorry bout that, I my grandma's puter is kinda slow. Ok so Im home and yeah. I really want to go back to their place cuz its so relaxing. I did soemthing really stupid the 31st and the 1ts. On the 31st I thought it was April Fools day so I stayed in bed for what, 4 hours since I woke up? I thought every one is out to get me or something but Im usally not like that. I finally came out and saw on the puter it was the 31st. First I thought it was a prank but then I saw it was really the 31st. DUH. The next morning I did the same thing. My family knows im sensitive so that was so stupid. Anyway we dont celebrate april fools day so w/e. What really P.O.ed me was we went to see Robots that day and calle dthis friend I 've never met who was a friend of my grandpas daughter. If I said that right. Ok anyway they never can make it so we forgot about them which me upset alot. ANyway we saw the movie which was INCREDIBLEY STUPID CAPITAL S T U P I D. So that was so Cor-nay. Im going to try to post here more cuz Im really busy. OH, I got ahappy bunny guide to love, a archery kit and some stuff which now I forgot cuz I was looking at the begining theme of Full House. Damn full house :P. Ok GtG gotta go read for school. Vaction is over monday. It suck yeah it does. Ok OUT.


:blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah:

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