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Ok...I was *SuPeR* bored so I decided to do this. I'm in a very bad mood due to PMS and other stressful things. Plus, people are annoying me a lot. As I said in another entry, I'm sick and tired of people treating me like a baby and a freak just because I'm homeschooled. It sucks. People are just like, "Oh, you don't know anything 'cause you're homeschooled!" And I'm like, "YEAH? You don't know :censored: !!" I am also sick of school...but, TGIF!!!!!! lol. But, I did get my report card the other day, and my grades were: A, A, A+, and A! Which, I must say, I am quite happy about. B) Also, my parents are annoying me with their overprotectiveness. -_- I my, my God, I can't even ride my bike by myself to the library, which is, like, EXTREMELY close. Also, I cannot do anything else by myself. I have gained the trust of them a bit so now I can ride around my sub-division. (Which has lots of hills which gives me a workout!!) So, w/e.



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