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Pope John Paul II


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I saw this lady across the road form my hair dresser place and she was dressed up as the pope with her "possy" showing pictures of babies being killed. They should get a ticket for that. If porn is illgeal in that way why is this legal?


In this great nation we need to realize that in order to have the enormous freedoms that we enjoy, and generally forget we have, we must allow others to have different idea's and opinions - even when they offend us.


To creat a dialog between two people and debating opinions is one of the fundamental freedoms we have - otherwise we would be like many of the terrorized nations of the world were we would not get to choose what we think is right for ourselves.

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I think it's funny how someone can be offending in that nature and get away with it, but if someone says something that is "sexually harrassing", then the offended person can sue.


Where's the freedom of speech in that, especially if what was said wasn't to/about the person offended, may have been in private or with some expectation of privacy, yadda yadda yadda. All it takes is for a woman to over hear a comment, believe it's a sexual reference in some way, and she can sue. Then it's up to the "offender" to defend themself(themselves) and what they said that they may have forgotten long before they knew they were being sued.

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If someone can sue for feeling sexually harrassed, then people should be able to sue for feeling religiously harrassed. Would open up the door majorly for telling people to shut the heck up when they are constantly preaching their beliefs even after being told, "Hey look, I have my own beliefs, so please don't force yours onto me".


As far as the sexual harrassment issue is concerned, I think it needs to be a bit more restrictive. Like if a guy tells a fellow employee (who is dressed up for a special occassion) that she looks beautiful (not sexy!) and normally doesn't say anything like that to her, then no she shouldn't get anything for that. After all, if the woman were to tell a guy that he looks handsome (under the same circumstances), he's not going to go getting offended. It's purely a simple and well intentioned compliment to let the person know that the effort they put into looking special/nice paid off.


That obviously doesn't include if a guy wiggles his eyes at her and makes some other comments that aren't exactly kind. But gosh, why punish someone for just trying to pay a compliment?

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