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Forgive but dont forget

With love comes an ocean of regret

And everything you say

Seemed to wash over me

That day.


Love others

Love yourself

No need to be anyone for anybody else

Its okay to be what you want to be

You shouldnt change your feelings for somebody


Hate is 4 letters

That will surely tare you limb from limb

But is not feared

To the worst of all the dim

That word would be LOVE

Now that will truely tare you apart

Instead of killing your brain

It tares a hole in your heart ♥

Instead of making you cry

It will just make you numb

Instead of making you say your feelings

It wont let you know where the pain is coming from

Instead of letting you vent your guts out

It will make you hold it all inside

Instead of letting you stay strong

It will take away your pride


Love will do that to you and more

But most of all it will make you hate yourself

More than you did before.

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