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Pic of me O_o


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Well I got a pic of me. Now all u freaking people can quit asking me for it. If you cant see it that good, then save it and zoom in on it. I was at a concert that night singing some back up and my friend took a pic of me. He is a member on that website that is mentioned on the bottom of my pic. He put it on there, and told me about it, so this was my chance to get it and show it to everyone who wants to see me. If you dont like how I look, get over it. Vamp for life <3
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Why do u dislike it if some1 calls ya hott? Whats wrong with that. Better than being called ugly. Unless u dont like being hott and like being ugly... but that makes no sense. But oh well. I cant even see ur face. i have NO idea how that looks like a guitar. It just seemed that way to me. So blah. Btw, are those bondage pants? Cause im not sure that i knew what bondage pants are.><. Actually, the microphone looks like the end of a guitar if u were tilting it. .. I guess...sorta..
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