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:horse: hello there,

hopefully i caught your attention with my personalized pic i

sent you

my name is catija.

i am new to the site

and i am a sweeetie-pie!

how are you?

have you been a member here long?

i just got a chance to write my second

blog on this site.

my goal is to get implants.

just to let you know,

i've added a few new photos to

my profile,and i will be sending out

personalized photos for a


(every little bit helps)

and i started school last week,

so it would be nice to get some help and motivation.

it would be nice to get to each other better,

and it would be nice to have some help toward my goal,

come check me out and say hi!:

[spammed link removed]


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Not only did you post in the wrong forum, but posting for the only purpose of advertising/spamming is not permitted here at the Dacity.Com Network.


For these two reasons, this topic is closed. Do not spam any more.


Please note that this is also a site that is for people of all ages, thus your topic of "sex" and the implication of pornography is also not allowed.

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