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THAT BAD BOY!!!!!!!!!!


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Field Trip to Barnes and Noble today. It was MUCH better than last year! We listened to music on the scanner so that was cool. In gym I accidently hit Cristian in the head w/ a basketball. H got hit twice to day so he was crying but covered it up with cursing. Im so upset though. He eithe called me an f____ a_____ or a stupid a____. Robert said to him if he told on me that I accidently did it I could tell on him for calling me that. He called robert a b. XD! I was laughing at that too!! Ajee got mad at me for TALKING TO ALICIA! THEN AFTER SCHOOL SHE GOT BRIAH INTO IT AND BAD MOUTHED ME! I was going to walk up to them and punch Ajee but Mr. C was watching and he'd suspend me like that. The DT are probally gunna stir up something. Alicia is acting like Ajee is a good friend. WELL I HAVE NEWS FOR YAH. SHES A B! Im out.



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