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I love this game, even though it has its creepy moments. Right now Im on this Tarzan Level. But first let me tell the story:


Sora who is 14 lives on an island with his best friends Rikku (15) and Kiarai (14). Sora has been having very strange dreams latley.... but any way, One day they make a raft which they want to travel to new worlds. On a strange night, Sora sees that there is a storm and the raft will be ruined. Suddenly a swarm of shadow creature try to harm him, like his dream! He goes on Rikku's island and see a black portal leading to new worlds. Rikku get swallowed up the portal and Sora now has the Key Blade. In a strange secret place, he see a ghostly sad Kiara but Sora gets pushed back by a sudden wind. He fights his shadow and gets sucked into new worlds. Where is Kiari and Rikku? His journey now continues....

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