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Today was ok.....

Well it started bad. I went in the car to go to school and I 4 got my glasses. I ran back and forgo the keys in the door. On the way to the door I slipped flat on the cement and hurt my self. I limped to the door and go the keys. My pants were wet! About 5 min my mom saw how wet the pants were and turned back so I could change. Basically that was my morning. The after noon was iight. Same old stuff. That morning was really the only thing that happend. Oh yeah! In health class were learning about "Our Chaning Body" Nex week girls get pedicures!!!! Aint that nice! Pedicures and manicures in class on a friday! Whoo! The past 5 weeks have been awe-some for me! Well Im out.

:blah: :blah: :blah:


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