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Interesting day. Very interesting. Today it all happend with an old lady staring at me, then the next im eating dumplings watching white chicks in spanish. Ok I'll explain.


It all started like a regular day. 6:50 driving to school. I see this old lady staring at me and she was frozen there. In about 3 minutes, the car is dragging the muffler on the entrence to the parkway. We stop and wait for friggen 2 hours for triple A to come and tow us to the nearest garage. Ok so we walk down to the curb (which was scary considering its down the enterence of the parkway) and wait. A police car comesand stop in front of the car which is parked up the highway. Mom grabs my hand and run down the side of the road. Fast. I mean FAST. We wait in the car for a lil and in five minutes back our car backward onto the parking by the side walk. The guy tows us to the nearest garage and we watch Ellen until its done. Then 1 of the mechanics drives us home (didn't have the money) and we had to get directions from there to my house so we GO back and he sees we have a NAIL in our tire. Another 10 minutes. So we get directions and go home. Mom gets money from house and drops me off at home. I chat a lil and about 15 - 20 minutes later mom gets back and orders chinnese. She orders on on demand White Chicks in spanish so she can study for her test. Ok so I play w/ my fried a lil and junk and watch TV. Good (and tirering) day!


Well I betta go. Gonna hang w/ mom and watch TV. OUT OF HERE!!!!

:blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah:

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