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Far past needing that


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Everyday all I think is

He could be the one

Well if its suicide

Against following your rules

Babe, i'll take the gun


I dont need a boy to tell me what I need

I dont need a boy to take my heed

(i'll take full blame)

I dont need a boy to push down the guys that check me out

I'll knock them down by myself, i'll give them a timeless pout.


Im far past needing that


Girls do me a favor

Turn on your TV

Open up your own two eyes

Tell me what you see

All I see are girls dancing and prancing around the guys

Go put a top on and some pants

Dont fall for your mans cheap romance

Some girls are so busy

With the surgery

That could be you

But sure as hell isnt me



I dont need a boy to play with my hair

Theres sallons for that almost everywhere

I dont need a boy to get near where he doesnt belong

I know I learned that from dear old mom

I dont need a boy to buy me a pretty ring, i'll buy it myself, buy me anything


Im far past needing that


Who needs sex

Ladies we have shopping

If you marry the guy that wants you on your 1st date

You'll spend your wedding day mopping

The floor that he just walked all over

Dont be stupid, it will soon be over

Buy yourself something that covers your thighs

Its okay...you dont need attention from demanding guys

Be independant

Follow your dreams

Girls you know what im talking about

We're on the same team


I dont need a boy whos gonna tell me what to do

Im not into being any mans fool

I dont need a boy whos ganna sit there all day

I dont need a boy who doesnt need a girl who can play

I dont need a boy who would do anything to skip an intimate chat

Common girls

We're far past needing that

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