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Your words can either brake me or make me.

Take me

away, and so far gone

That I forget whats wrong

Whats eating me alive...

&& hurts so bad


Now each day

I hate getting ready

Just to see me

Be someone im not

All the make up

Is for me to fake up

And pretend to be sacure.

(cant stand me anymore)


These damn days

Say its a faise

I swear they pile up

They take me on

When im weak

which seems to be more then every now-and-then

Theres the pain back again


Staying where I stand

Seems to be more than useless

Now Im excuseless

Why you arent aloud to even hold my hand


These memories remain

I felt stupid

When things didnt go give-and-gain.

Now what am I to do

This broken life cannot pull through

Without motivation

This pain was my creation

Lets pretend im not ashamed...


The way I look at me

Isnt the way anybody could see

Because all i see is

some pathetic little girl

who hides how she feels from the world

who hides the passion

so it all just will clash in

this body that she hates.


If I could sing myself a lulliby

I would sing of hope that would never die

I would sing about me and you

No matter what it just cant be true

I would sing how I would let someone help me

Without pulling away

I would sing how things would always get better

Than today.

I would sing that im going to be alright

That me myself and I wouldnt get into another fight

It seems so dark in my mind

I cannot see a thing

Turn on a light and please start to sing.

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