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Yay or Boo


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Today we had a meeting. IM SO ANGRY AT ALICIA! She double trouble pinkie swore on our friend ship that she'd call me back at 1:30 what time is it now? 10:10! The good thing about to day was realising that we have tomarrow off. Im probally gunna call Alicia and yell at her. Yesterday was great! I went to the build-a-bear workshop and made a cute bunny named Lily!!! What was corny though is you have to rub this cloth heart in your hands then on your chest kiss it on both sides then make a wish. The woman who stuffed my bear was sooooooo nice! She didn't know how to quite explain it so she wouldnt sound corny it was funny. She just was so nice! To day was basiclly movie day, I watched Mean Girls, The Stepford Wives, The Terminal (GREAT movie which I just finished watching), and I rented 2 free On Demand shows, Unfabulous and Dexer's Labratory. Ahhh this day was both boo and yay. I say it was mostly yay. Hey it rhymes! Out!

:blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah:

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