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Breaking down


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Im just done. To much pressure put on me. Between relashionships,school personal life, its just to much. Im breaking down. I cant take it any more. How can one person deal with so much stress? How can i delt with it. And how can i stop it?

Imma post each problem, and if u could give some advice on it least one of em, it would mean so much more than the world to me.


Problem 1 (school)::>


K, well i got a C+ in math. Dude, this sucks. a C+! I tried my very hardest, and it just still isnt helping. Studying dont help me. I just 4get the info.Blah.


Problem 2 (Boys)


Chris wants to kiss me. Thats great. Blah blah blah. But last boy that ended up just wanting to kiss me, ended up being a jerk-off. Im so paranoid about it.What would i do to let Chris no about my insucuritys without him hating me?


Problem 3 (friends)


My pals are ALWAYS getting into fights. And I try ta help. And get yelled at. Its just not easy. Or fair. They just aint taking my messages. Cant they get along?! WHATS WRONG WITH EM?! How can i deal with this...?

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First off, I'm not a good advice giver as far as school goes. I've had some bad experiences as far as school goes so all I can really say is just try to stay at it. Or you could drop out and be stupid about it like I was.


Secondly, if you're afraid Chris can't handle your insecurities without him hating you, maybe he isn't a good boyfriend. I mean, think about it, if someone really cares for you, they won't hate you for your insecurities. Instead, they should accept you for it and love you for it.


Lastly, the way I see it, if your friends basically ignore you when you try to help them when in arguments, that should set off enough red flags to just stay out of it. That's what I do, I don't try to help with matters unless I'm asked or unless it's risking something of great value. Works fine for me *shrug*

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