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Watch me grow


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If I change, please stand by me

Help me see, watch me grow

The dark clouds cover my one true self

Are they dissipating? Please help me see

I've been hating the person I was,

but not the person I want to be

You've looked inside my bandaged heart and helped me see,

there's a part that needs to shine that needs to be

In my life, there's been much pain

Feelings of guilt, feelings of shame

Feelings guarded, feelings stained

I want to feel happy, I want to feel sad

I want to share it with you Honey

Because there "is" a better me.

I lived my life for others, I let myself be beat

My smile was there for others, I want to smile for me.

Hold my hand and watch me grow

Know that I'm changing, for us and for me

This is so hard for a person like me

Please look deeply into my eyes and see

This is really what I mean

It's hard to change, it's hard see the person I will no longer be

The safe haven within your arms will keep us strong, this I believe

The future is a scary place, and exciting this is true

Help me be and help me grow

Let me be who I need to be.

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