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Shes falling apart infront of the crowd


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Shes falling apart

Infront of the crowd

Shes whispering to herself

But it ends up to be shouting out loud

Shes pacing and shaking as she walks from here to there

Yet nobody stops her in her tracks

To tell her they care

While tears start to trinkle

Nothing comes out from her eyes

This is because

She only cries inside

Being strong is now being a threat

Being with someone who loves her

Is a chance that shes met

He doesnt seem right for her though you know

Shes tried to shake him off

But he just wont let her go

She could spell it out for him

Let the two hearts bleed

Though she has a feeling

He would not even take heed

Sometimes love is learning to let go

What happens when holding on

Is all that you know?

Deep down so helpless

Though she looks proud

Shes falling apart

Infront of the crowd

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