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Please don't leave,

I miss you,

hold me,

i want to kiss you,

i know that somethings we went through,

were very rough,

but don't leave me,

as far as getting by,

it would be just to rough,


a letter,

you left with a letter,

you did not even say "good-bye",

i hold in my breath,

as i try hard not to cry,

one more time,

i need to see your face,

i put my hand on my chest,

my heart is starting to race,



things i hold dear,

but was our love true?

I know it felt so sincere,

but feeling isnt enough,

now i mst know,

if you left me so fast,

why is it so hard to let go?


and you know what i needed to say,

what i need to do,

every night i DO pray,

and some day you'll know how much i loved you

i know that u wanted things to be better,

but when it comes down to love,

i need your heart,

i need MORE than a letter...

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