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Sex and cars


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Jed, Mike, and Sam all died and went to Heaven. They meet Jesus at the Eastern Gate, who tells them, "Welcome my children. Heaven is a vast place and you'll need something to travel in. I am going to ask you a question and your answer will determine what you will get." Jesus goes over to Jed and asks, "Were you faithful to your wife? Remember, I know the truth, so you might as well be honest." Jed answers, "Well, I had a problem with internet porn, but I never physically cheated on my wife." Christ thanks him for his honesty and gives him a Taurus. He asks the same question to Mike. Mike answers, "I did cheat on my wife once, but it was early in our marriage and I confessed the truth to her. We had 40 good years of marriage even though I strayed once." Christ thanks him for his honesty and gives him a Neon. Sam looked Jesus right in the eye and told him, "I was married to my wife for 57 years and never once cheated on her or even thought about it." Jesus smiled and said he would be rewarded- he gave him a Porsche.


Some time passed and Jed and Mike saw Sam on the side of the road bawling. They asked him what was wrong. He looked up at them and said, "I just saw my wife riding a skateboard."

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