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No heat,

I'm in a small room,

a shadow,

passes by,

I awake,

on my bed i ly,

all i can think is "Am i going to die?"

my palms,

sweaty and cold,

Im not feeling very bold,

sharp pains,

sharp pains,

i start to feel weak,

i cant just let this happen to me...

A hero i seek,

I let out a sigh,

i feel dizzy,

start to cry,


they feel like icicles,

cold and sharp,

banging on the door,

as u try to get in,

they are slowly taking my existance,

as your right past that door,

now my arms i cant feel,

I'm far just to sore,



i let out a cry

"help me... help me.."

but you start to walk by,

you'r letting them take me,

as i helplessly die,

so here i am,

i sit here and wait,

since you did not save me,

I am now at heavens gate...



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