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Omg those sick sick boys


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OMG! School is bad enuff. but nooooo, now the bus ride has to stink. okay, well on our way back home amanda and i see two open seats in a row, then a few in the front. So we sit near the middle and we got in a fight about a stupid open spot for a contest from class. So she moves to one of the few seats in the front, and 2 kids move into the seat in back of me, and one of em' moves next to me. So he's like "Whens ur stop?" and im like "Oh, i need to get out fast, my stop is almost next" So he's like "really? Cause i like it slow." And his friends start laughing and i turn red and look out the window. And he starts moving closer, so im like "uhm.. like i sed my stop is like almost next." And m older cousin jackie is looking at me like "what the heck are u doing there with that guy" So he's liek "better do it fast them" and his friends and him start laughing. So my older cousin hears and shes like "Hey asshole, lay off my little cousin" so he's like "okok, shut up" so our stop comes and im like "let me outta the seat." and he looks at his friends then at me and goes "nopppe, im fine right here." By now the bus has come to a complete stop. And i say sturnly "I SAID MOVE. Now." and he's like, u know how to go around" and im like "i'd have to slip by your lap and im not doing that" he wouldnt move, so i ended up having to slide on his lap to get by. And it was so gross, and his pals were laughing, and he was sitting back, smiling it grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I'm so mad. That sicksick boy. Why did this have to happen to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
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