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Make a Wish


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One day, 10 very ugly guys and girls were on their way to the beach in a van, when they were hit by an 18-wheeler and killed.


When they arrived in heaven, they were greeted by God. Since He had made them ugly all their lives while on earth, He told them, "You all get one wish before entering heaven."


So the first girl said, "I want to be beautiful." So He made her beautiful and let her into heaven.


The second guy also said, "I want to beautiful,too. "So God made him beautiful, and let him into heaven.


The first 9 people all said that they wanted to be beautiful, but when God got to the 10 guy, he was in hysterics.


So He asked, "Why are you laughing? Oh never mind, what is your wish?"


The 10th guy said,"I want you to make them all ugly again!"

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