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This is Love


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From the first moment I saw him - his eyes gave me sight.


From the first time we kissed - he breathed the life back into me.


And for the first time in my life, I loved completely and without reservation.


Some say to be so consumed by another is obsession - I say I'm just lucky.


For two years this love has grown - even when we are far apart. Our hearts ignore everything we do and continue to connect to each other.


The only thing I've see come close to what we have is in the movies. And sometimes even a movie can't touch what we share between us.


And if I never see him again or never touch him again physically - every breath I take and every thought in my heart involves him and wraps around the thought of him and carries me through my life.


Even if I wanted to - I could not change that. We are so close to being one that when we are together - we fit together like sky and air. No one can imagine how I feel for him on a day to day basis.


That is no lie.

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