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Mom's B-day


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Today was my mom's b-day. Didn't do much though. I chatted alot. I brought up that a moment of silence should be done in memory of Dr. Martain Luther King JR. I told simple lines but screwed it up. I spelled Martain wrong the didnt say the quote right (in periods and commas.) My reason? Mom was yelling at me to clean my room and that shook me up alot. I have to practice my typing. On AIM I'm actullay a correcting freak to my friends. That surprises alot of people. Anyway way besides cleaning my day was fine. Got about 2-3 hours of chatting in my day which was good. I need to get out more, chatting is rotting my brain. Well I guess every one needs inside communication. Im gonna watch TV w/ mom.

:blah: :blah: :blah: :blah:

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