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Ok. Here's the dilemma..there's a guy who likes me, but I hate him..and I'm like totally sure he likes me becaue he's always bugging me and other stuff and he always stares at me and stuff and smiles at me, etc. He's asked me to go out with him, but I said no. He's still bugging me and it's annoying. Alicia + Lucy, you guys are the guy "experts" on this site. Give me some advice plz.
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Well basiclly he's harrassing you. First of all look DEAD serious and say, "I don not like you. I wouldn't dislike you so much if you didn't always bother me. If you do not stop I will tell my parents or a teacher." If he still does it, do what you just said, TELL A ADULT that you trust.
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I would have said to have a talk with him and let him know that you don't like him like that and that it's a bit scary to you how much he tries.


Hold off on the threat of force or bringing in others to protect you, because that really could scare him deeply and cause him to have problems with future relationships.


For all you know, if he had chilled out and been more relaxed about showing you some of that attention, then perhaps you would have ended up liking him. Not your fault at all, just one of those things that you will never know.


Anyway, if he doesn't seem to want to take the hint, that's when you get a little more aggressive. If you did like him 'in that way' at all, then mention it and how his actions have you not liking him anymore. You also tell him that if he doesn't back off, then you're going to tell others how he's scaring you and that he needs to back off because you'd really rather not have to be mean about it.


If he STILL insists on not taking the hint, then tell him that the very next time that he gives you the creeps, you are going to have him escorted away from you and will keep getting more and more harsh until the problem is resolved. This means that at a library, you would tell a librarian. At a mall, tell security. So on like that.


Whatever you do, the advice given was right but for the wrong reason. The reason to not use that "(we can -or- can we) be friends" is because that's like a girl reaching into a guys chest, grabbing the heart and then twisting it around harshly just before yanking it out of the chest. In short, it's like pouring salt on an open wound.


If *he* mentions the idea of being friends, then you choose to either say "sure" or to say that you don't think it would work out because you'd feel too weird about it.


But oh well, since it's an old problem, I'm sure it's been dealt with already, so how about an update on it?

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