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Goodbye Mom,

don't forget me,

Goodbye dad,

Just let it be,

Goodbye sister,

i will always love you,

Please Brother, accept that its true,

Please grama,

Try hard not to cry,

I know Aunty, its gonna be hard to get by,


It was just a game,

My friend hesitated to say,

"its a fake gun"

"its not loaded"

She pulled the trigger,

my nerves exploded,

she gasped and cried

"Alicia get up"

i could hear her,

vagly see her,

to weak to answer..

you would hate to be there,


Leave me be,

in teh hospital,

lay me on my bed,

the place where my past memories were made,

with all of my stuff, where so many games were played

Family.. friends i ask you not to cry,

I will ALWAYS be here with you by spirit,

so please dont say "GoodBye"...

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