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"Your cool i promise"


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Okay. So im not teh image of "cool" according to alex. dude... usually i could care less, but now shes getting me mad. She started talking to Kevin this kid i know, and ROAR. Kevin told her so much crap. He has NO right to tell her that stuff. The only reason why HE knows it is because he caused it. i hate him!Alex comes up to me and was like "Wow Alicia. No wonder TJ left you.You cant take care of urself for [crap]." Okay FIRST OF ALL.. he did not leave me. I left him. Im pretty sure she knew that too! I stood frozen. How could she say that to me. I almost get raped and thats what she says to ME.Her and kevin are going out now. And if he slips about anything else, its done. i dont need Chris ta take care of him. i will PERSONALLY go over to him and kick his [butt]. That jerk... he said he felt bad about it.. he LIED. He does all that to me, and tells his g/f. Then i say "its not my fault ur such a sleez that all the guys are scared to screw with you Alex. Then Kevin comes up to her. They kiss. She Flips her hair and says "Your cool. I Promise" And rolls her prissy little eyes. Why.. i did NOTHING to deserve this. In fact, at first i blamed TJ for this mess. But i was totally wrong. The direction im going 4 is Kevin. I hate him.. i just dont know what to do :unsure:
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