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So yea I get a little "out of hand"

By the way I look at you two

Maybe I wanna keep you all to myself

I just wanna rely on you

The way you look at me and say 'i love u'

you look at her the same way

you said its more sincere with me

It doesnt exactly seem that way

Dont make me beg

Cause you know i will

Dont set the bar as high as hers

Because her shoes i can never fill </3

You smile at her because she makes you happy

You only smile at me when I make you feel good

Should we do the math?

Or just recap to our last date (lets not)

You cant stand to be mad at her

But you flat out just cant stand me

Do you not care

Or just not understand me

Dont ever take advantage of me

Would you concider this an apoligy

Its all just insucurity

I let selfishness take over me

Cant you see the jealousy

My apoligy

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