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Mom Charged With Killing Girl With Bleach


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - A woman angry with her 12-year-old daughter for having sex forced the girl to drink bleach and sat on her until the child died, a police detective said.


The girl's 9-year-old brother was forced to watch the attack, Detective Warren Cotton testified Thursday in a preliminary hearing for Tunisia Archie, 31.


Archie is charged with capital murder in the asphyxiation death of her daughter Jasmine. If convicted, she could be sentenced to death or life in prison without parole.


Cotton said Archie, who has been jailed without bond since shortly after her daughter's Nov. 26 death, told authorities she was disturbed because ``her daughter told her that she was no longer a virgin.''


She said she poured bleach into Jasmine's mouth and the child vomited, he said, then sat on her until she stopped breathing, Cotton testified.


Archie forced Jasmine's 9-year-old brother Jacorey to watch the attack and "told him that if he shed a tear that she was going to kill him, too,'' Cotton testified.



Woah... o.o :gasp:

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What's really disturbing is that the mother is most likely a main contributing factor to why the girl had sex in the first place. So for that reason, she should guzzle down some bleach and have some fatso sit on her until she dies, for screwing up her daughters life the way she did (and then for ending it on top of it).
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