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drunk driving


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He was at a party

He was doing very well

There was no alcahol in him

His friends could tell

So they grabbed a beer

And said "buddy..drink up"

He took a sip

Then was poured a large cup


Soon the words were slurred

You could barely understand

A girl saw he was in trouble

So she grabbed him by his hand

He tugged away

Then headed for more beer

She spoke to him softly

The boy though "she sounds so far from here"


What he had not seen

Was that girl was his own girlfriend

And knowing he was to get home safely

Was the only hope she could send

He grabbed her and dragged on to the couch

He went into a postistion

Barely a slouch


She said "lets go in the car"

I have to drive you home

He tugged away and under his breath whispered

"Leave me alone"

He was so wasted

That he didnt realize

That the things that she told him

Were a web of lies

Lies to protect him

To get him into the car

For if he had tried to go home by himself

He would not get far


She left him there by himself for a moment

To go find her coat

She thought

"hes so drunk that he has a worse chance walking than to float"

By the time she came back

He had taken her keys

They were in the ignition

he had started to flee


"what has he done..."

She started to cry

"I loved him so much..now he might die"

She went to the hospital

Ran into the room

To bit her last request

He did not move on the hospital bed

She put her head on his chest

No more breathing

His life was gone

All she was saying was "whered this go wrong?"


He was gone now

That kept spinning in her head

Just because one of them wasnt alive

Doesnt mean that the love was dead

She still thinks of him every night

Before she goes to bed

Taunted by the words

Left unsaid


Its just what I thought

The peices of this puzzle are fitting in to tight

Its just what I though

In the end things werent alright

Its just what I thought

I gave you hints...Bate but you wouldnt bite

Its just what I thought

Now I cant ever tell you

"I love you baby and goodnight"

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