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its not something very rare,

beauty can be based on anything,

eyes,body,even hair,


some dont get to know,

this person that lys within,

others simply dont care,

the beauty is a trophy they shall win,


But you need to look past that,

all of it... its just beaty,

its just another pretty face,

just another person you see,


there are two people in this world,

those walk into a room searching for beauty,

and those who walk in with the pretty face,

but i have no beauty on the outside,

and on the inside i need my space,



the factor,

something that many girls are after,



your only looking for lust,



a problem u must defeat,


she sits on the corner,

she cut off her hair,

her skin pale,

she passes with a glare,

she changed everything,

the boys no longer envy her,

no longer is she touched,

she changed her beauty,

they no longer love her,

she's no longer "beautiful"

they leave the new her on the corner to cry

she may have changed her appearence,

but her inner beauty shall never die.

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