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well what the heeecck..


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Whats going on.... I call Kevin, see if somethings were "planned". and he confesses. Like, i didnt even have to push him about it. I asked and he spilled so fast. Which is so weird. I wouldnt even do that o.O. He even told me information that i had to stop him about cause i couldnt take it. Its so overwhelming.. why did i want it? Whats wrong with me.. More importantly, whats wrong with Kevin. Confessing all that stuff.. dude he musta had a mental breakdown or soomeeething. Ya know..? I mean TJ was his 'friend' although i feel its SUPER-OSM that kevin was stupid enuff to spill.. why didnt he try to back TJ up..? Its just not making sense. Its like a puzzle. What on earth was kevin thinking. Some of those confessions made him look bad too. He just talked and talked and talked. I froze.. it was creepy and weird and unnormal. If ya know what happened (which u would if i was a fast enough typer to explain it allllll) then u would know that TJ hates me. Beyond posibal beilefe. And trussssssst me. i'm fiiiiine with this. But Kevin and him were tight. Either...

A-Kevin lost him mind

B-TJ and him suddenly hate one another

C-_____________________ (idk...)

I knows it souds odd. But i just cant figure it out. And its bothering me like UNBELIEVABLY. If Kevin wasnt such a jerk everything would be fine. But this isnt a farytale. And unless i find out whats going on this wont have a happy ending either.

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